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    Natural Motions (Lentils Attraction)
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Attraction of two floating green Lentils toward each others
Natural Motions (Lentils Attraction)
If we place two green lentils on the surface of a bowl of still water (Fig. 1), These two lentils move slowly toward each other and depending on their distance, after a few minutes, they will com in close contact.
Natural Motions (Lentils Attraction)
(figure 1)

Initially, the attraction force is slow and at a distance of approximately 1cm apart, the force of attraction increases resulting in fuster movement of the lentils toward each other (Fig. 2,3).
After the contact, the lentils will not separate from each other and stay floating. If we add more lentils to the dish in a similar way, after sometime. They attract and gather around each other. It should be noted that the lentils should be placed on the water away from the rims of the bowl. The practical reasonning to explain this phenomena will be posted on this site in the near future.
Natural Motions (Lentils Attraction) Natural Motions (Lentils Attraction)
(figure 2) (figure 3)
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